In a few weeks, I will be starting out on my first leg of my journey.  Preparation for this trip has been exciting and challenging, to say the least. And for those of you who have followed me and stuck with me, THANK YOU.

Currently, I am in the last stages of donating the remaining things that I will not be taking with me. Not having a van has made me really scale down. I’m down to a few pieces of clothing, some personal items, and some camping gear.

I have set up a link ON LOCATION where you can find my whereabouts in the country, unfortunately, I will not be posting an exact location because honestly, I won’t know until I get there. I will continue to post additional images to the PHOTO GALLERY  as well.

I will be adding gear as I go along. As I experience the scenario I will get the required gear. I didn’t want to overdo it with purchasing things that I will not use on consistent bases. It would be a waist of money and would take up much-needed storage space.

I have created a YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I will be posting videos of some of the places I have visited and how I have fitted out my 4×4. I haven’t completely decided on the content but I have a few ideas that I think will be pretty exciting and I am open to suggestions. By the way, please be patient as I design and develop my YouTube Channel, there is a learning curve there.

If there is a place you would like me to visit and photograph and or video, please drop me a line via email mpcoeman23@gmail.com I will be checking my email on a daily base. I will be using my laptop to post to my blog. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to post once a week but, that will be determined by me being able to get a signal. I haven’t been able to test that part yet.

People have asked me if I am excited, well, to be honest, YES I am. I have been asked if I was scared, not really. I would like to assure you that I have not gone into this journey blindly. I have taken precautions to ensure my saftey as much as possible. So fear not all is well.

First stop will be somewhere in Texas. I plan on visiting the Gulf of Mexico, to see some of the damage that Hurricane Harvey left behind. By living in the desert for so long (7 years to be exact) it would be nice to see an ocean, let the waves run through my toes, maybe even take a dip (knee high only). I do plan on being in Philadelphia by Thanksgiving. I would like to spend time with family, extended family, friends and even meet some you before I go off the grid.

Again; thank you for allowing me to share this part of my life with you and please continue to Subscribe, like and share.

NOTE: Please help me in wishing my Sister, friend and supporter Barbara a Happy Birthday, Love you, Sis!!!

*** THE END ***



  1. Cousin,
    All the best as you venture out on the first leg of your journey. Be safe & look forward to seeing you.

    Happy Birthday Barbara!



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